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We have made serious improvements to both our website and our selection. We have recently added new features, including SSL encrypted credit card payments directly from our site and a comments section where you can tell us how we did.


Why would you need a recovery disk? Here are several reasons:

Your computer has been infected by viruses/spyware and you can't use the installed software.

Your hard drive has been replaced, and now you need to get your computer back up and running.

Your computer is running slower than it was before, and you would simply like to completely restore it back to its original condition and speed.

You are ready to sell or give away your computer and do not want any of your personal information left on your computer.


All of these are perfect scenarios for a full system recovery. Every Restore Disk Set we sell provides a COMPLETE wipe and reload ability, which will completely eliminate any spyware and virus problems. Most restore sets take less than an hour to complete and will remove any trace of user data on the hard drive. System recovery is an extremely simple process that takes almost no computer knowledge or skill to perform, and simple, concise instructions are provided on our help pages for most manufacturers.